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Overview of income 2017 (exclusive endowment)

Amounts in €

*EMAEuropean Medicines AgencyRIZIV-INAMINational Institute of Health and Disability Insurance

Overview of expenditure 2017

Amounts in €

*ICTInformation and communication technologyNAT blood testNucleic Acid Amplification Test – blood test with nucleic acid amplificationRIZIV-INAMINational Institute of Health and Disability Insurance

Evolution income and expenditure

Amounts in €

Activity Budget 2017 Realisation 2017
Expenses (in €)
Expenditure for personnel (salary and social security contributions) 36,130,000 34,512,000
Other personnel costs 1,735,000 1,545,000
Expertise 6,959,000 5,020,000
Non-ICTInformation and communication technology expenses 5,057,000 4,717,000
ICTInformatie- en communicatietechnologie expenses 4,910,000 4,910,000
Non-ICTInformation and communication technology capital expenses 84,000,000 26,000
ICTInformatie- en communicatietechnologie capital expenses 2,029,000 2,029,000
NATNucleic Acid Amplification Test – blood test with nucleic acid amplification blood test subsidy 7,251,000 6,290,000
RIZIV-INAMINational Institute of Health and Disability Insurance tax 35,000 35,000
Other expenditure and subsidies 9,508,000 8,955,000
Total 73,696,000 68,039,000

The 2017 budget is set according to a logic that is strongly influenced by the ZBBZero based budgeting -the major exercise around the financing model of the FAMHP approach. Seventeen additional outputs, representing one third of the FAMHPFederal Agency for Medicines and Health Products‘s total expenditure, were analysed. This budget will therefore provide a more transparent picture of the actual expenditure of the FAMHPFederal Agency for Medicines and Health Products, guaranteeing the balance between the efficiency and the quality of the delivered output.

The variable fees in 2017 relate to the contribution to medical devices and the annual contribution for pharmacovigilance. The accounting method consists of two steps:

  • sending an invitation to pay in the course of the year. This takes into account the maximum amount payable that will be placed in a separate accounting item;
  • in function of the “theoretical” positive balance (including the maximum to be paid), the percentage of these maximums is effectively considered as the final tax to balance the accounting result of the FAMHPFederal Agency for Medicines and Health Products.

This method guarantees a correct collection of this income thanks to the prior payment and helps to achieve an accounting result in balance.



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Distribution by work pattern

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